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Lama Kathy Wesley
The Nine Stages of Shamata

The cause of suffering is obsessive selfishness.
The path to ending selfishness is love and compassion. 
The practice of this path is mindfulness and conscious living.

According to the Buddha, the greatest methods for eliminating obsessive selfishness are love and compassion. These qualities are typified by the practice of Bodhicitta—the aspiration to benefit all sentient beings—and by actions that bring our inherent goodness, compassion, and wisdom to fruition.

Lama Kathy Wesley will introduce the concept of the Bodhisattva Path, and will teach methods of contemplation and meditation that place us directly on that path.

Lama Kathy will also offer the
Bodhisattva Vow to benefit others and seek awakening on their behalf. Here is an opportunity to participate in this vow, or to observe it. (Taking Refuge is required before taking the Bodhisattva Vow. Lama Kathy will also give the Refuge Vow for those who would like to take refuge.)

  Sunday January 20 schedule

9:00 am: Teaching on the Bodhisattva Vow

11:00 am: Refuge ceremony

Noon: Break for lunch

1:30 pm: Continued teaching on the vow, followed by the vow ceremony which will conclude by about 4:00 pm.

This event will take place at our regular Sunday location: 37 Ohio Avenue.

The price is $20.

If money’s tight, let us know. We’ve received a donation to sponsor some attendees, and we wouldn’t want you to miss this teaching.

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About Athens KTC

We meet at 37 Ohio Avenue, in the building of the Factory Street Dance Studio — a converted church with a very nice atmosphere (map).

We meditate at 10 a.m. every Sunday. At 11 a.m. we break for visiting, tea and coffee. At 11:30, we have dharma study: a teaching by Lama Tom Broadwater, or reading and discusing a book together.

There is no charge to join us in meditation, and a free introduction to meditation is always available. We hope you'll stop in Sunday, or some Sunday soon!