Athens KTC

A Letter from Sue Erlewine on the Founding of Athens KTC


Approximately 15 years ago, I began attending the Buddhist center in Columbus, Ohio, learning about Dharma  (the teachings of the Buddha) and practicing meditation. Although it was an hour and half drive from Athens, my experience there was well worth it.  I met and began to study with Lama Kathy Wesley, the main teacher there.

After a few months,  I began to think there must be people in Athens who wanted to meditate and learn about Buddhism here. My husband Tom and I began by hosting a few people in our living room – word quickly spread and a few soon became 10 and more!  We then moved to our current location on Ohio St. and have been there for more than 15 years. Many people drop in once or twice, and many come on a regular basis – some to learn meditation and some to learn more about Buddhism or both. All are welcome. Lama Kathy comes from Columbus frequently to teach and visiting teachers come from our home monastery in New York, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, to give teachings and blessings as well. We hope to continue to meet and grow for many years to come!